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Nov 11th, 2024 to Nov 16th, 2024
(6 days / 5 nights)


Welcome to Desire Resort & Spa - Cancun, Mexico

Desire Resort in Cancun, Mexico is an all-inclusive resort set on the exquisite white sand beach of the Riviera Maya Cancun, Mexico. Arranged to resemble a pastoral village, 11- villas and suites, many with oceanview, blend into the lush, tropical gardens of the couples-only escape from routine. Enjoy a sense of freedom like no other on earth as you stroll along the beach or immerse your total being into the beautiful warm waters of the Caribbean.

The "All-Inclusive" program at Desire Resort & Spa, offers a selection of restaurants, bars, lounges, disco, gym and spa. You will find a wide variety of activities, entertainment, land and water sports ... all designed around the utmost in personalized service. In addition, we offer au natural areas in the beach or in the new Jacuzzi Lounge which offers wet and dry bar plus cozy seating and languorous sunning areas with a Jacuzzi that accommodates up to 30 people.

Desire Resort Cancun offers adventurous couples a destination of peace and tranquility, the opportunity to be nearly alone on beautiful beaches with your special person, or be part of the party at the main pool area. It is really the best of both worlds. You can choose to have that truly romantic, erotic vacation at a destination to share in private, or you can let loose and expand your sexuality with other like-minded couples from all over the world.

There are many adult destinations you can plan your special erotic vacation time to with your loved one, but none will compare to the erotic nature presented to you at the Desire Resort & Spa - Cancun, Mexico!

Desire Resort Cancun Rooms & Suites

Within our intimate, village-style setting, Desire Resort & Spa offers you luxurious accommodations that set among lush landscaping, open to the breathtaking foliage or the white sands of our clothing optional beach.

Specializing in exclusive lodging for couples, Desire Resort & Spa provides a sense of total indulgence like no other, allowing for you to renew your passion, live your fantasies and fulfill your desires.

For maximum delight, Desire's exclusive Passion Suites seduce you and your partner to relax together in your private, 4-person en-suite jacuzzi in a sensual interlude to the sounds of the waves of the sea.

We can request rooms for you but can not guarantee them. You have a better chance of requesting a building. Click Here to view a map of the resort.

Deluxe - 52 Garden View / 31 Ocean View

Deluxe Room - Desire Resort and Spa - Cancun

Room amenities include:

  • King or Queen beds
  • Head boards with luxurious accents
  • Vanity armoire
  • Air conditioning (Individual climate control)
  • LCD screen TV
  • Satellite TV, with interactive menu, In-Room Movies
  • Telephone
  • Safe
  • Bathroom with shower and glass shower doors
  • Coffee maker
  • Hair dryer
  • Balcony or terrace
  • Bathrobes and slippers
  • Iron and board
  • In-room bar stocked with: water, beer & soft drinks
  • CD player/alarm clock

Junior Suites - 2 Garden View / 4 Ocean View

Junior Suite - Desire Resort and Spa - Cancun

Appointed with those many amenities as the Deluxe Rooms, the Junior Suites feature plus

  • King-size beds with plush, decorative pillows.
  • Spacious bathroom with 4-person Jacuzzi.
  • Welcome bottle of sparkling wine.
  • In-house use of bathrobes and slippers.
  • CD and DVD player.
  • Variety of sensual and exotic candles.
  • Tantra essential gift box.
  • Desire incense.
  • Daily afternoon Hors d'oeuvres.
  • Welcome Fruit Basket upon arrival refreshed daily.

Passion Suite - 10 Ocean Front Suites

Passion Suite - Desire Resort and Spa - Cancun

Appointed with those many amenities as the Superior Rooms, the Passion Suites feature plus:

  • King-size bed with plush decorative pillows.
  • Adjacent Living Room.
  • Daily Continental Breakfast.
  • Daily afternoon hors d'oeuvres with sparkling Wine.
  • Welcome Fruit Basket, refreshed daily.
  • Music and soft lighting upon arrival
  • Room Service at no cost.
  • CD Player and DVD
  • Spacious bathroom with 4-person Jacuzzi.
  • In-room Mini-bar stocked with: Tequila: 1800 and Herradura, Whiskey: Chivas Regal, Jack Daniels and Black Label. Vodka Smirnoff and Kahlua. Also 3 bottles of water, 2 beers XX Lager, 2 Diet Coke and 2 regular cokes.
  • Tantra Essential gift box
  • Desire incense
  • Private, round-trip transportation between the airport and Desire Resort.
  • Concierge check-in upon arrival (subject to availability).
  • Unlimited reservations for a table for 4 at the gourmet restaurants
  • Beach towels available in-room


Deluxe Garden View
Rate DoubleEndStart
$922.64 USDMar 31, 2024Feb 2, 2024
$830.70 USDApr 3, 2024Apr 1, 2024
$922.64 USDApr 7, 2024Apr 4, 2024
$784.32 USDApr 10, 2024Apr 8, 2024
$922.64 USDApr 13, 2024Apr 11, 2024
$784.32 USDApr 17, 2024Apr 14, 2024
$922.64 USDApr 22, 2024Apr 18, 2024
$784.32 USDApr 25, 2024Apr 23, 2024
$922.64 USDApr 27, 2024Apr 26, 2024
$784.32 USDApr 30, 2024Apr 28, 2024
$705.28 USDMay 1, 2024May 1, 2024
$783.58 USDMay 19, 2024May 2, 2024
$705.28 USDMay 22, 2024May 20, 2024
$783.58 USDMay 25, 2024May 23, 2024
$705.28 USDMay 29, 2024May 26, 2024
$783.58 USDMay 31, 2024May 30, 2024
$665.76 USDJun 6, 2024Jun 1, 2024
$705.28 USDJun 9, 2024Jun 7, 2024
$665.76 USDJun 20, 2024Jun 10, 2024
$705.28 USDJun 21, 2024Jun 21, 2024
$783.58 USDJun 23, 2024Jun 22, 2024
$705.28 USDJun 28, 2024Jun 24, 2024
$665.76 USDJul 3, 2024Jun 29, 2024
$783.58 USDJul 6, 2024Jul 4, 2024
$665.76 USDJul 10, 2024Jul 7, 2024
$783.58 USDJul 13, 2024Jul 11, 2024
$665.76 USDJul 17, 2024Jul 14, 2024
$705.28 USDJul 20, 2024Jul 18, 2024
$665.76 USDAug 11, 2024Jul 21, 2024
$626.24 USDSep 13, 2024Aug 12, 2024
$783.58 USDSep 15, 2024Sep 14, 2024
$626.24 USDSep 30, 2024Sep 16, 2024
$665.76 USDOct 29, 2024Oct 1, 2024
$705.28 USDOct 31, 2024Oct 30, 2024
$783.58 USDNov 2, 2024Nov 1, 2024
$705.28 USDNov 10, 2024Nov 3, 2024
$783.58 USDNov 15, 2024Nov 11, 2024
$705.28 USDNov 30, 2024Nov 16, 2024
$665.76 USDDec 25, 2024Dec 1, 2024
$1185.60 USDJan 1, 2025Dec 26, 2024
$789.66 USDFeb 12, 2025Jan 2, 2025
$987.26 USDFeb 15, 2025Feb 13, 2025
$789.66 USDApr 30, 2025Feb 16, 2025
$629.28 USDAug 31, 2025May 1, 2025
$586.72 USDOct 29, 2025Sep 1, 2025
$712.88 USDNov 1, 2025Oct 30, 2025
$629.28 USDDec 24, 2025Nov 2, 2025
$675.36 USDDec 25, 2025Dec 25, 2025

Deluxe Ocean View
Rate DoubleEndStart
$1038.94 USDApr 30, 2024Feb 10, 2024
$863.36 USDMay 31, 2024May 1, 2024
$777.50 USDJun 6, 2024Jun 1, 2024
$863.36 USDJun 9, 2024Jun 7, 2024
$777.50 USDJun 20, 2024Jun 10, 2024
$863.36 USDJun 28, 2024Jun 21, 2024
$777.50 USDJul 3, 2024Jun 29, 2024
$863.36 USDJul 6, 2024Jul 4, 2024
$777.50 USDJul 10, 2024Jul 7, 2024
$863.36 USDJul 13, 2024Jul 11, 2024
$777.50 USDJul 17, 2024Jul 14, 2024
$863.36 USDJul 20, 2024Jul 18, 2024
$777.50 USDAug 11, 2024Jul 21, 2024
$734.16 USDSep 13, 2024Aug 12, 2024
$863.36 USDSep 15, 2024Sep 14, 2024
$734.16 USDSep 30, 2024Sep 16, 2024
$777.50 USDOct 29, 2024Oct 1, 2024
$863.36 USDNov 30, 2024Oct 30, 2024
$777.50 USDDec 25, 2024Dec 1, 2024
$1285.92 USDJan 1, 2025Dec 26, 2024
$945.44 USDFeb 12, 2025Jan 2, 2025
$1112.64 USDFeb 15, 2025Feb 13, 2025
$945.44 USDApr 30, 2025Feb 16, 2025
$739.50 USDAug 31, 2025May 1, 2025
$693.12 USDOct 29, 2025Sep 1, 2025
$924.16 USDNov 30, 2025Oct 30, 2025
$739.50 USDDec 24, 2025Dec 1, 2025
$744.48 USDDec 25, 2025Dec 25, 2025

Jacuzzi Garden View Suite
Rate DoubleEndStart
$1086.06 USDApr 30, 2024Feb 12, 2024
$934.80 USDDec 25, 2024May 1, 2024
$1473.66 USDJan 1, 2025Dec 26, 2024
$1160.54 USDApr 30, 2025Jan 2, 2025
$1017.66 USDDec 24, 2025May 1, 2025
$957.60 USDDec 25, 2025Dec 25, 2025

Jacuzzi Ocean View Suite
Rate DoubleEndStart
$1237.28 USDApr 30, 2024Feb 12, 2024
$1050.32 USDDec 25, 2024May 1, 2024
$1636.30 USDJan 1, 2025Dec 26, 2024
$1323.18 USDApr 30, 2025Jan 2, 2025
$1123.28 USDDec 24, 2025May 1, 2025
$1056.62 USDDec 25, 2025Dec 25, 2025

Passion Suite
Rate DoubleEndStart
$1611.20 USDApr 30, 2024Feb 12, 2024
$1389.28 USDDec 25, 2024May 1, 2024
$1985.12 USDJan 1, 2025Dec 26, 2024
$1723.68 USDApr 30, 2025Jan 2, 2025
$1485.82 USDDec 24, 2025May 1, 2025
$1398.62 USDDec 25, 2025Dec 25, 2025

Desire Resort Cancun Dining


El Arrecife is an exciting restaurant of a contemporary dcor where seductive music is played, varying with the different, special theme nights. El Arrecife is open everyday offering sumptuous breakfast buffets from 7:00 am until 11:00 am. And themed dinners are held from 6:30 pm until 10:00 pm.
DINNER Sumptuous buffet.
Dress code: Casual.
Reservations not required.

Italian á la carte menu. If the weather permits, it will be set-up at the Tentazione restaurant by the pool.
International. Mediterranean specialties: the perfect fusion among Spanish, French and Italian gourmet specialties.
Asian delights galore. Select from a variety of hot and cold Asian dishes prepared for this buffet night. Enjoy succulent dishes that will range from Chicken Yaki Tori Salad, Bok Choi, Nigiris, Sashimis and a large assortment of Sushi to Shark Fin Soup, Chinese Duck and Chicken Satai with Oyster Sauce. We ensure youll feel transported into the other side of the world.
Mexican Fiesta. The real and traditional Mexican food presented in a typical fiesta atmosphere. And of course, choose among all of our hot sauces, we dare you to try them.
Italian Buffet. A deep appreciation for the Italian cuisine has inspired our chef to create an array of true delights that will make dinner a superb experience.
Gala. Dress your best for this culinary feast. A sophisticated array of our chef's finest dishes will delight your senses.
Steak Night. Try our New York steaks, Tenderloin, Flank Steak, Pork or Lamb Chops and Chicken prepared in any specific way you like.

At Il Piacere, enjoy the most fascinating specialties from every corner of the world and experience the real flavors of paradise. Waiters will always be at your disposition for any special crave you may have.

The soft lighting will transport you to far lands and submerge you in romance, intensifying your sensual culinary experience. Experience the romantic ambience of our lounge bar where you can try our high quality liquors (extra charge). The wine cava for your delight displays a selected variety of the most exclusive wine sorts there are around the world.

Il Piacere is open from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. Although Desire is a clothing optional resort, this restaurant has a casual-elegant dress code. No reservations required.

Haute cuisine dedicated to International specialties served in a trendy, minimalist-chic setting, chefs tasting menu available (extra $) Soft music and lighting will submerge you in romance, heightening a sensual culinary experience.

Dinner: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm.
Dress code: Elegant.


Enjoy a full lunch menu including salads, ceviches and top notch main dishes with the quality, portions and presentation reminiscent of Desires three specialty restaurants. This casual, central location near the main pool is ideal for those wanting to see and be seen. Also open for dinner on selected nights.

This restaurant is an excellent option for those who dont want to miss anything or anybody on the pool or the beach while having an exuberant lunch, or just a simple snack. It offers a perfect place to enjoy the best of what Desire resort has to offer: an exciting pool, an incredibly beautiful beach, beverages, top class food, and hot bodies under the golden and shinny Caribbean sun.

After having a snack, you can have a drink at the Tentazione's bar, which is just besides the restaurant. Tentazione is open everyday from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. for your delight. Room service is available during operating hours.


Suki is a luxurious journey into the Asian tastes and fashion. Inviting shades of red, white and dark chocolate contrast with the padded wall that offers white lights while an original ceiling, shaped as a wave, adds to the sophisticated dcor providing the perfect setting for a stylish dinner.

Suki restaurant also serves you high quality wine and of course, the traditional liquor "Sake" Plum Dew for an authentic Asian tour of flavor.

Enjoy the most unique dinner with a large group or in a more intimate occasion for two. You can choose either to sit on tables or in one of the two four seated sushi bars, where it is possible to admire the Tepanyaki chef do his work while he teaches you and your party small techniques, words or games of the Asian gastronomy.

This sensual dining venue of Desire Resort can only be called unique. Asian delights and daily main course specials include the freshest Sushi, tastiest Tepanyaki and most savory desserts, presented in a both intimate and mystical atmosphere.

Dinner: 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm.
Reservation required only for Tepanyaki.
Dress code: Elegant.


Enjoy Desires deliciously complete room service menus from the privacy of your own room 24 hours a day. Snuggle up for breakfast in bed, have a leisurely lunch in the late afternoon or simply plan for a romantic night in with your favorite guest. (additional fees may apply)

For jacuzzi suite and passion suite 24 hours room service included.

* The operation days will vary according to the weather conditions.


Make your reservations for a superb gourmet candlelight dinner served on the beach under our palapa. Enjoy the sounds of the surf and see the stars during this memorable experience. (additional fees may apply)

Desire Resort Cancun FAQ's

If you choose to go topless or naked- in the pool, at the beach or at the roof-top Jacuzzi Lounge, you may certainly do so. But there is never any pressure for you, or any guest, to do anything you might find uncomfortable. Our guests are mature and sophisticated; a "live and let live" philosophy is key to the enjoyment of an alternative lifestyle.
Cover-ups, however, are required where food is served, in the lobby and certain other public areas. And although guests are expected to be fully dressed at the Disco, this does not mean that they cannot wear revealing outfits; on the contrary, we are very open to SEXY. The couples-only SIN ROOM, adjoining the Nightclub, is available to our guests who may want to explore alternative-lifestyle options.
Desire Resort & Spa is firmly committed to maintaining a unique, couples only atmosphere, this way, only couples are allowed. Our hottest spots, such as the Sin Room and the Jacuzzi Lounge are not exceptions.
No, all forms of sex are prohibited at the pool, beach and public areas of the hotel. However, Desire has designated special spots for open displays of sex, such as: the Sin Room and the Jacuzzi Lounge.
No. Desire is a fully All-Inclusive resort. All drinks, cocktails and refreshments are included, 24-hours a day. We offer a wide selection of internationally known brands. For guests who prefer certain premium brands or ones that we do not ordinarily stock, a reasonable surcharge is made.
Desire's All-Inclusive amenities include an inexhaustible list of all-you-can-drink beverages, including classic cocktails, tropical delights, party punches and frozen drinks with or without the buzz. Our bartenders continually add new favorites that will help you stay cool and wet your whistle.
  • Tequila: Tequila El Milagro, Tequila Don Julio Blanco, Tequila Don Julio Reposado.
  • Rum: Bacardi Blanco, Bacardi Limon, Appleton Blanco, Appleton Especial, Bacardi Aejo, Barcardi Solera, Ron Coco, Capitan Morgan.
  • Vodka: Vodka Absolut Mandarin, Vodka Stolichnaya,Smirnoff, Wyborowa, Absolut Azul, Absolut Citron
  • Gin: Beefeater, Tanqueray.
  • Beer: Sol Beer, a Mexican golden lager beer with a refreshing taste and smooth, mellow flavor, first brewed in Mexico in 1899. Canned XX is available in guest rooms.
  • Whiskey: Whisky J.W Etiqueta Negra Johnny Walker Red Label, J&B, Canadian Club, Chivas Regal 12 years.
  • Bourbon: Jim Beam, Kentucky Gentleman.
  • White Wine: Viña Maipo
  • Red Wine: Viña Maipo
  • Rose: Viña Maipo
  • Brandy: Don Pedro, Terry Cent, Fundador.
  • Liquors: Wassels Cream, Kahlua, Dry Sack, Anis Chinchon Dulce, Anis Chinchon Seco, Pernod de Anis, Licor de Melon, Dubonet, Campari, Curacao Azul, Fernet, Cassis, Martini & Rossi Vermouth.
  • Soft drinks: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and fruit juices.
  • In-Room Mini-Fridge: XX beer, Coke, Diet Coke and bottled water.
  • Aperitifs or After Dinner Drinks: (Available exclusively in Il Piacere and Suki Specialty Restaurants) Licor 43, Galeano, Frangelico, Xtabentun (Mayan Liquor).
We ask you to wear cover-ups in public areas that are not designated as clothing-optional.
The taking of photos is only permitted in guest rooms.
Yes, all meals - snacks, buffets and gourmet dinners are included.
No. Although all beaches in Mexico are 'public', the resort is located on a very secluded stretch of beach along the Riviera Maya.
Although the restaurants that serve breakfast and lunch are casual and comfortable venues, men are required to wear shorts and women are required to wear a cover-up over their swimsuits. Likewise, shoes must be worn, and no wet clothes are allowed in any of the restaurants of Desire. At night, elegant resort dress is expected when dining at Il Piacere and Suki, including slacks, shirts and shoes for men, dresses or pantsuits for women.
Yes. Desire offers 24 hour Room Service, (at an additional charge) except for Passion Suite guests.
Laundry service is available at an additional charge.
Computers with high-speed Internet service are available at additional charge, in the computer room in the Lobby area. Wireless service is available in selected areas of the property with no additional charge.
Desire is a clothing optional, couples only resort where we guarantee a private and intimate vacation. Then, looking after the privacy of our guests, we do not sell any day or night passes.
Guests at Desire enjoy their privacy and see their vacation here as an opportunity to be themselves; they can dress sexy, dress up for theme nights, enjoy clothing-optional areas and partake in activities at which they feel completely comfortable. DESIRE appeals to liberated, upscale vacationers, nudists and swingers. The ambiance attracts a wide variety of guests, giving the resort a wonderful mix and personality. As a general rule, guests come to Desire in order to:
  • Meet other like-minded couples (male & female).
  • Experience a spirited, fun vacation, sunbathe topless or nude.
  • Enjoy a resort where they have the freedom.
  • Do what they want.
  • Test the waters' of an alternative-lifestyle!
Yes, non-motorized water sports are included as part of Desire's all-inclusive amenities: kayaking, sunfishing, sailing and hobie cat instructors are available for each of these activities.
Round-trip transportation to and from CANCUN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT are available.
  • Clothing-optional beach
  • Clothing-optional swimming pool
  • Clothing-optional, multi-couple, roof-top Jacuzzi Lounge Bar
  • All-Inclusive gourmet dining options
  • Four restaurants, including a snack bar and grill
  • Five bars
  • Nightclub
  • Sensuous Sin Room (couples-only)
  • Spa with sauna, steam room and a full menu of spa treatments
  • Gym
  • Exclusive wines and liquors available
  • Water sports
  • Logo Shop
  • Tennis court
  • Wi-Fi, Internet access/computers
Yes, please send the following information to: and we will contact you with more information and the number that can be used.
The resort is more than happy to take Room requests. Please note that the resort cannot guarantee any specific room number, floor or building; however we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
Smoking is only allowed in all the open areas of Desire. Y Night Club offers a terrace where smoking is allowed.

Desire Resort Cancun Activities

Daytime Activities

Our guests, at Desire Resort & Spa will enjoy a broad array of activities such as sports that take on Desires sensual touch including yoga classes, sexy aqua fitness, water polo, basketball, nude beach, water volleyball and other beach and pool games as well as non motorized water sports.

For the more adventurous, we offer sexy wishes, sexy darts, belly dance, pole dance lessons and the famous daily "Desire Time" couples only contests, hosted by our Desire Cancun Team that will amuse, surprise and seduce you.

We also offer assistance with booking scuba diving tours and private clothing optional cruises for couples only as much as other tours to the landmarks of Yucatan Peninsula, such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen and other beautiful destinations.

Desire provides you with a calendar of activities for a more detailed guide of what to do during the day at the clothing optional premises of Desire Resort & Spa.

Nightly Entertainment

The entertainment program of Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya has been designed to provide you with fun and sensually themed adventures that every night will be led by our super friendly and enthusiastic Entertainment Team. Whether you engage in our performances or just witness them as a relaxed spectator, youll be surely enticed by our deliciously erotic nighttime entertainment.

Sunday - 2024 - Wet Dreams
Forget about cotton, make room for lingerie and lace. Ladies, dress to impress and make your partner’s heart race. Gentlemen, don perfectly-fitting pants accessorized with suspenders and a sensual lacy shirt that matches your partner’s lingerie, provoking uncontrollable attraction and a desire for satisfaction. Dress code: lingerie (women) | lacy shirt & suspenders (men).
Monday - 2024 - 69 Shades of Desire
Show off your hidden obsessions in the form of personal expression. Tonight, BDSM is every couples’ fascination. The look and feel of leather and latex provoke an uncontrollable lust and craving for satisfaction; allow yourselves to be seduced by the law of attraction. Dress code: BDSM (latex, leather, masks & more).
Tuesday - 2024 - Gods of Pleasure
For many centuries, Greek mythology has been associated with love, lust, and fantasy that cannot be seen, only felt. Tonight’s toga party is about sensuality and seduction, complemented by love deities of the ancient Greeks, promising an evening that radiates couples’ chemistry. Dress code: Greek gods & goddesses.
Wednesday - 2024 - Sensual Galactic Glow
Since the beginning of time, we’ve known that we are not the only sensual species on Earth. Tonight, lustful aliens have selected our resort to visit in an attempt to seduce us with sensuality and transport us to their galaxy, where we will soon discover our destiny. Dress code: galactic neon.
Thursday - 2024 - Sexy Uniforms
Whatever the emergency may be, reigniting the flame with your partner is guaranteed. Dress for seductive success as the sensual first responders power couple you desire to express. Journey into the world of roleplay, and remember to call 911 if you’re in distress. Dress code: firefighters, police, doctors, etc.
Friday - 2024 - Angels and Devils
Angel or devil? The question in the end: who will be the winner? Your attire will tell where your loyalty lies. This is the perfect evening to discover who’s naughty and who’s nice. As you stand before seduction’s gate, what choice will you and your partner make? Dress code: angels & devils.
Saturday - 2024 - Latin Night
There’s no bigger teaser than Latin fever to add an entirely new dimension to any theme party. Enjoy a rich blend of tropical rhythms surrounded by your partner and extended mix of friends, as the sensual sounds consume you with life and excitement. You’ll never want it to end. Dress code: colorful Latin-inspired attire.

Please notice that our nightly entertainment program and daytime activities are subject to change.

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