Last Spring Fling
Desire Resort & Spa - Riviera Maya
Cancun, MX
Jun 1st, 2019 to Jun 6th, 2019

Last Spring FlingWe made up of a group of old and New friends who love to meet at Desire Riviera Maya. So far our group consists of couples from the West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, and the cold & Cool North. We enjoy Adult vacations with a clothing operational beaches and pool, laughing, playing beach volleyball, lounging by the pool, bellying-up to the bar, and being a little crazy! Our group vacation is to cram as much fun as humanly possible (and sometimes more) into each time we go to Desire Riviera Maya. There is never a dull moment with this group! Friends of Desire Riviera Maya travel together at least one or two times per year to a clothing optional resorts. We are always looking for new destinations and Friends to join (Friends of Desire Riviera Maya). Just to let you know If you don't like to go nude that Okay with us. We want you to have fun.
Option #1
06/01/2019Deluxe Garden View$ 620.00
06/02/2019Deluxe Garden View$ 620.00
06/03/2019Deluxe Garden View$ 620.00
06/04/2019Deluxe Garden View$ 620.00
06/05/2019Deluxe Garden View$ 620.00
DiscountEBB June Save4 - DGV-$ 620.00
Total:$ 2480.00
Option #2
06/01/2019Deluxe Ocean View$ 690.00
06/02/2019Deluxe Ocean View$ 690.00
06/03/2019Deluxe Ocean View$ 690.00
06/04/2019Deluxe Ocean View$ 690.00
06/05/2019Deluxe Ocean View$ 690.00
DiscountEBB June Save4 - DOV-$ 517.50
Total:$ 2932.50
Option #3
06/01/2019Superior Garden View$ 650.00
06/02/2019Superior Garden View$ 650.00
06/03/2019Superior Garden View$ 650.00
06/04/2019Superior Garden View$ 650.00
06/05/2019Superior Garden View$ 650.00
DiscountEBB June Save4 - SGV-$ 650.00
Total:$ 2600.00
Option #4
06/01/2019Passion Suite$ 1100.00
06/02/2019Passion Suite$ 1100.00
06/03/2019Passion Suite$ 1100.00
06/04/2019Passion Suite$ 1100.00
06/05/2019Passion Suite$ 1100.00
Total:$ 5500.00